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Tony Aldarondo, A Soulful and Sensational Poet

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano featuring Tony Aldarondo

Tony Aldarondo is someone new and exciting to hit the poetry scene! Well, new to me. He’d been around for more than a decade but with time out for life’s setbacks that actually led to him to become a soulful and sensational poet. Tony’s spoken word performances wake you up and carry you away with their rhythm, rime, and theatricality. Their musicality enhances the depth of his lyrical linguistic insight and experience. He does it in three languages: English, Spanish, and the street talk of the USA. Tony’s poems embrace his love for his Puerto Rican heritage, Shakespeare, iambic pentameter, rime, humor, and his pervasive goodwill, and empathy for humanity.

"Tony the Poet" CD cover
“Tony the Poet” CD cover

Currently Tony is working on his first book of poems. He has already produced a CD of poems entitled “Tony the Poet.” Tony earned his stripes as a performer by working as an actor in both theater and film. He has toured as an actor in a Shakespeare company as well as directed Shakespeare’s plays. As a result, iambic pentameter and rime are ingrained in him. Uncrushable humor too is basic to his poetry even when writing about pain, racism, and injustice.

Often he works with improvisational musicians and their interaction allows him to also improvise his already written poems, changing words and flipping ideas as they perform. His work constantly evolves. Even old poems become new. Given the current pandemic, his upcoming book is as eagerly awaited as an all-clear signal during an air raid drill.

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