Village by Nina Serrano

My journey as a poet led me into translations of poetry and prose from Spanish to English.  With a childhood familiarity with the Spanish language, Latino roots (Colombia), and deep interest in Latin American culture, I came to embrace the labor-intensive process of translating.  Bridging the cultural divide between the two languages is full of discovery, as meaning emerges demanding to be sculpted into clear English with the spirit, rhythm, and intention of the original poem.

Translations Publications

Poema Del Dia0012008. Poema del Día / Poem of the Dayby Adrian Arias, translation by Nina Serrano, chap book, Luzazul, special editions, San Francisco, CA.

Beautiful Trash0022012. Beautiful Trash: The Lost Library by Adrian Arias, translations by Nina Serrano, Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco, CA.

El LIbro Del Cuerpo0022009. El Libro del Cuerpo/The Book of the Body by Adrian Arias, translations by Nina Serrano, chapbook, limited editions, San Francisco, CA.

Front cover 5417 small 1Program of Economic Reactivation for the People’s Benefit by Ministry of Planning of the Government of National Reconstruction of Nicaragua. Published by Estuary Press, bilingual edition. Translation by Nina Serrano, Paul Richards, Patricio Barruito, Rob McBride and Hodee Edwards, 1982.

MEDIA – For photos & interviews: Paul Richards (510) 967 5577;

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