Valerie Haynes Perry on Motivational Writing

Valerie Haynes Perry on Motivational Writing

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano Featuring Valerie Haynes Perry

Valerie Haynes Perry, author and motivational writing coach, reads from her latest book and discusses her journey from writer to writing coach and how she takes her own advice as an author.
Valerie Haynes Perry
Valerie Haynes Perry

It is always uplifting and inspirational for me to interview Valerie Haynes Perry, an interesting and buoyant author and motivational writing coach. A prolific writer, Valerie has published three novels, Tanner Blue, Painted Deserts and Members. In addition, she released a book of short stories, Music for the Dream, Seven Short Stories, and three motivational writing books, Listening Out Loud, Write the Book You Want, and Write, Read, Listen . She now has expanded into writing vignettes, Qpid and Them, and Unilogue. In this interview we discuss her journey from writer to writing coach and how she takes her own advice as an author. Reading out loud and listening to your own voice are fundamental to her coaching. She says that writing itself is the teacher. She encourages writers to respect their craft and master basic skills through continued writing until they reach the point where they can break the rules and follow their own intuitive journey.

unilogue by VH Perry

In our discussion, Valerie tells about her newest work which departs from her usual handling of characters and plots. She wanted to write about a relationship between a self and a higher self without falling into interior monologue. Valerie created a form she called “unilogue”, as a opposed to “dialogue”, because the conversation exists within one person. She adopted a writing technique called automatic writing which allowed her to write intuitively. Unilogue is deeply set inside nature. In this episode of Literary Dialogs, she reads excerpts from Unilogue. As a poet I appreciate the poetic language describing beach, water, air and the interplay of these basic elements with the self.

In Valerie Haynes Perry’s work as a writing coach, she relies on word of mouth to let interested writers know about her on-going monthly writer’s circles. Writers find her supportive and encouraging and they recommend her to others. She maintains four on-going monthly writing circles, two are closed cohorts and two others open to new members. Writers can contact Valerie on her website contact form.

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Readers can find Valerie Haynes Perry’s novels dealing with non-stereotypical African American characters inside intriguing plots through through the links provided above on this post and on her website,

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