Valerie Haynes Perry, prize winning novelist

Valerie Haynes Perry

Valerie Haynes Perry on Open Book

Celebrate and enjoy African-American History month. Listen today at 3pm, KPFA 94.1fm  My guest on Open Book/Poet to Poet is Valerie Haynes Perry, prize winning author. Valerie reads from three of her page-turning novels and discusses her themes and writing process.

All three books explore the life an African-American woman dealing with the big questions of existence.  In “Tanner Blue” a young woman artist on her birthday recalls her own birth  Tanner Blue is  named after the black painter, Henry Tanner. Her memory of being born inspires Tanner Blue to explore her own potential as an artist.

In “Members” the protagonist, a young girl from the projects, is a scholarship student at an exclusive private school. Divided between two worlds, she digs deep and tests the stability of her roots. In “Painted Desert” a married African-American woman in her early forties accepts a museum artist’s invitation to accompany him to the Painted Desert on a business trip. Overshadowed by a full solar eclipse, their travels bring to light a shocking secret that pulls Lenore in many revealing directions.

Listen and enjoy the music of Michele Rosewoman and technical direction by Jill Montgomery.

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