Cover_e Wild Animal

Vday love poems: here

Cover_e Wild Animal

Send a love poem to a loved one from this brand new limited edition of love poems “Wild Animal” by Adrian Arias. They are wonderful. I know because I translated them. You can hear him read the translations tonight with emeritus poet laureate Devorah Major at the Reader’s Cafe in Fort Mason at 6:30pm in SF. The book is $10 at the reading. See you there. Happy Vday!


I remember my father’s seductive glance
looking at my mother
and her soft face saying  yes without saying anything.
Gorgeous intangible volatile
caressing the air with their step
and at each step the air responding with a turn.
To see them dance was almost as good
as playing with the moon.
Their bodies lost in an embrace without embracing
their hands touched without touching
their feet disintegrated the floor
and their eyes
crossed the walls with a ray of light
that left me without speech and without air.
Tango is the word
that defines the tenderness of a man and a woman
and a child watching,
watching as if life holds these things that
soon we will learn.

Translation by Nina Serrano (2013)

© Adrián, 2004

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