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California and Mississippi Civil Rights in the 1960s Fannie Lou Hamer, 1963, screen shot from “We’ll Never Turn Back” by Harvey Richards Harvey Richards’ civil rights videos document civil rights activists in the early 1960s. Beginning in 1963, Richards cameras … Continue reading

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High Definition Videos now online 22 films Converted from 16 mm film to HD videos Harvey Richards Videos on Amazon Prime are a click away. I converted the original films to high definition video last year (2019), but did not … Continue reading


The Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards CRITICAL FOCUS  Second Edition is now available from Amazon as a print on demand book. The second edition cover is new, featuring the iconic photo of Dolores Huerta taken September 24, … Continue reading

Unbutton Our History

Political Buttons of Upsurge and Rebellion Unbutton Our History by Paul Richards Spilling a jar full of political buttons sent a thousand memories crashing across my desk into my mind. The 1960s traumatized the USA in unimaginable ways. Living inside … Continue reading

Critical Focus eBook: Resources for Teachers

Critical Focus eBook, $6.99. Available from   ISBN 9780961872564 eBook edition © Paul Richards, 2014 All Rights Reserved Published by Estuary Press Oakland, CA eBook design by Paul Richards Resources for Teachers and Students. Critical Focus, The Black and White … Continue reading

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Explore Radical Dissent in the 1960s Free Rental of Any Video in the Archive by Signing up Now Estuary Press now offers the 1960s Archival Images Newsletter (Quarterly) to provide viewers with information about the Harvey Richards Media Archive (HRMA) … Continue reading

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Critical Focus Paperback $15.00 plus $6.00 postage in the US, outside the US, $12.75. CRITICAL FOCUS: THE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS OF HARVEY WILSON RICHARDS written and compiled by Paul Richards, Ph.D. 104 pages, 123 photos ISBN 0-9618725-0-0 LC 87-81720 1987, Estuary Press … Continue reading

Wasted Woods Video

Select How to Watch Wasted Woods Video Rent it: You can rent to view the video on a video player app or by streaming it. Streaming a video requires a broadband connection in your area that is wide enough to handle … Continue reading

Hot Damn! Video

Select How to Watch Hot Damn! (1965) Rent it: You can rent the video on a video player app or by streaming it. You don’t need a broadband connection to rent the video. An app is provided for free when you … Continue reading

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1960s Photography eBook Estuary Press has published an eBook edition of Critical Focus: The Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards. The eBook contains more than the photos and text of the original 1986 book. Now, Critical Focus is a gateway to well … Continue reading