Heart’s Journey by Nina Serrano

Heart’s Journey, Selected Poems, 1980-1999 Heart’s Journey, published by Estuary Press,  is available as an  ebook and as a paperback Print on Demand(POD).  Heart’s Journey is the second volume of a trilogy of books that presents Nina Serrano’s poetry written from 1969 to … Continue reading

Estuary Press and eBook Publishing

Part 1: Why eBooks? Looking Back See Part 2: Publishing Poetry eBooks Bringing Nina Serrano’s poetry to the widest possible audience drew Estuary Press into publishing the Heart Suite trilogy as both print and eBooks. The difficulties using traditional distribution routes combined with the decline of … Continue reading

Heart Suite Now on Google Play, Kobo Books and Barnes and Noble

Heart Suite eBooks Now on Google Play, Kobo Books and Barnes and Noble Until now, Nina Serrano’s trilogy of poetry books, Heart Suite, has only been available on Amazon’s Kindle Books. Now Estuary Press has expanded the availability of Heart Suite … Continue reading