The Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards CRITICAL FOCUS  Second Edition is now available from Amazon as a print on demand book. The second edition cover is new, featuring the iconic photo of Dolores Huerta taken September 24, … Continue reading

Historical Images of 1960s Protests

Harvey Richards Media Archive Photos and Videos As an independent local archive of historical images of 1960s protests, Estuary Press offers the Harvey Richards Media Archive with online access to twenty-two videos and hundreds of images. Throughout the 1960s, it was a … Continue reading

Wasted Woods Video

Select How to Watch Wasted Woods Video Rent it: You can rent to view the video on a video player app or by streaming it. Streaming a video requires a broadband connection in your area that is wide enough to handle … Continue reading

The Stump Makers Video

Select How to Watch The Stump Makers Rent it: You can rent the video on a video player app or by streaming it. You don’t need a broadband connection to rent the video. An app is provided for free when you … Continue reading