World Out of Order by Joe Serrano

Forthcoming Book of 60 Cartoons

Because the World Needs a Good Laugh

Estuary Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of “World Out of Order” by Joe Serrano with an introduction by his daughter, Nina Serrano. The volume presents 60 cartoons crafted over his long career as a cartoonist.

From the Introduction to the book:

My father, Joe Serrano, was born in Columbia in 1912 and emigrated to the United States at age 9. He quit school in the eighth grade to go to work to help support his widowed mother and little sister. Even as as a very young school boy, he drew cartoons, letting his classmates see them for a penny a peak. He became a full time freelance cartoonist in 1945 and from then on produced at least 22 rough drafts per week for decades for popular magazines and trade journals of the era. Always thinking about metaphysics, the meaning of life, and the nature of God, he drew the humors of everyday living into cartoons. Now over a hundred years since his birth, his cartoons resonate with the new realities of the 21st Century as if they were created just yesterday.

Joe Serrano died in August 1987. The following day, in the mail came an acceptance of one of his rough drafts from a magazine he’d submitted to earlier. My artist sister-in-law, Beryl Landau, kindly drew the finished version for him using a light table. He was able to end his career on a triumphant note. Below are a few of his cartoons. Hope you enjoy them!

Nina Serrano
Vallejo, California

Below are a few of Serrano’s cartoons to wet your appetite. World Out of Order will be available as a paperback book and eBook in the fall of 2020. Check back in to the Estuary Press blog for the publication announcement coming soon.

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