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Richards Family History

This is a collection of  interesting (and sometimes touching) documents, links and information. Scroll through the page to see everything that's available online.

Richards Coat of Arms

It appears that there may be several Richards' Coat of Arms, this is one associated with our family name. The helmet is supposed to be included only for titled families. The three fleur de lis icons on the shield symbolize purity. The colors are symbolic as well; blue for truth and loyalty, black for constancy or grief, yellow for gold. Coats of arms may be self-designed and are widely disputed. Some coat of arms are "canting" which are jokes or puns on a name. As our name includes the word "rich," the gold may be a pun.
Richards of Chatfield: one family's immigration story
A written account by Rose Richards of the Minnesota Chatfield-area Richards family history. Text version of newspaper article as it appeared in the Chatfield News , April and May 2001. For copies of clippings, contact Rose Richards .
The pioneer days of George Zebedee Richards in Kearney, Nebraska--an article courtesy of the Buffalo County Historical Society.
Early history of Roxbury WI and Richards settled there as reported in a 1920 newspaper article regarding Founding of Roxbury and 1921 obituary of  Mrs. G. H. McIntyre (Caroline Richards) . For copies of clippings, contact Rose Richards .
Reminiscences of Robert Richards Sr. of Dane County Wisconsin, 1843-1855
A written statement by Robert Richards Jr. with details of his father's immigration to America, their early days in mid-1800s Wisconsin, Robert Richards Sr.'s death and his own childhood memories. Published in the 'Baraboo Republic' May 15, 1924
Wisconsin Heights Battlefield by S. M. (Samuel Marsden) Brookes 1856
This painting depicts the landscape of the George Richards and Richard Taylor homesteads as seen in 1856. On July 21, 1832 one of the last battles of the Black Hawk War was fought here. 
Robert Richards Jr's Civil War Letters
The letters are in the collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin and have been transcribed here in three files: Letters of 1862-63 , 1864 and 1865 . (Each file is approximately 10 printed pages.) Plus a facsimile of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Certificate of Civil War Service for Robert Richards Jr. 
Cemetery Records and more
Choose to view the Cummingsville Cemetery or Dunlap Cemetery monument inscriptions, or select one of these individuals to see what is available (includes some tombstone photos and obituaries):
Bilke, Bess Mae (Winfrey) , 1930-1992
Dean, Enos , 1805-1885
Dean, Lucinda , ?-1875
Dudycha, Marie F. , 1956-1995
Finn, Stephen , 1902-1971
Gustad, Dorothy E. (Richards) , 1926-2003
Loughlan, Laura (Richards) , 1901-1952
Loughlan, Robert , 1923-2005
Lynch, Frances Marie (Richards) , 1925-2003
Lynch, Gerald , 1920-1999
McIntyre, Elwood Richards , 1888-1968
McIntyre, Mrs. G. H. (Caroline Richards) 1848-1921
Richards, Alice , 1891-1906
Richards, Amelia Magdalena "Lena" Rhein , 1870-1946 
Richards, Andrew J., 1958-2007
Richards, Andrew R., 1985-95
Richards, Baby , b.& d.1934
Richards, Betty, 1928-1989
Richards, Dean , 1873-1941
Richards, Elizabeth Turner Baller, 1822-1864
Richards, Emily S, 1825-1890
Richards, Esthma Ida Dean ,  1852-1930
Richards, Fred Mortimer, 1870-1927
Richards, Geneva, 1900-1900
Richards, George, 1815-1899
Richards, Geraldine , 1931-1932
Richards, Harry , 1905-1974
Richards, Hollie I. , 1910-1956
Richards, Howard , 1908-1952
Richards, Jane (Pettey) , 1868-1938
Richards, Mary Ann, 1808-1867
Richards, Mary Emma (Evans) , 1883-1964
Richards, Mary J., 1854-1881
Richards, Robert , 1843-1928
Richards, Robert N. , 1930-1965
Richards, Robert S. , 1899-1986
Richards, Samuel, 1800-1870
Richards, Samuel S., 1838-1899
Spence, Barbara Jean (Richards) , 1941-1984
Taylor, Elizabeth (Richards) , 1811-1882
Taylor, Richard , 1819-1905
Orion Mill in Olmsted County, near Chatfield Minnesota, owned and operated by Robert and Dean Richards. Read the history of the Old Mill from a 1940 newspaper clipping. See photos of Orion Mill ,  Dean Richards and wife Mary Evans Richards.
Early 1900s
Historic Chatfield -- Photos
See photos of Chatfield MN in the early 1900s with notes.
San Francisco Earthquake -- Chatfield News-Democrat account of Harvey W. Richards' experience
Robert S. Richards and Hollie Ida Thorpe Marriage Certificate
approx. 1930
Esthma's Bible
Entries from Esthma Ida (Dean) Richards' Bible , written in about 1930 while she lived in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The notes include a record of her marriage and the lives her and Robert Richards Jr.'s children. 

Harvey Wilson Richards Sr. film documentaries and still photography of California farm workers, Montana and other mining practices, West Coast logging, the Peace Movement, and the Civil Rights Movement--preserved by Paul Richards at Estuary Press
and Past

High Ham, Somerset, England--the town from which our ancestors came (Robert Richards and four siblings, 1840s). See images of the village and read the history.