Video Interview on Private Property and the Goddess

Nina Serrano interviews her husband Paul Richards about his new book

Video Interview on Private Property and the Goddess

Nina Serrano sat down with Paul Richards (via Zoom) in a video Interview on Private Property and the Goddess. Nina’s probing questions brings out his ideas on how patriarchal private property arose in ancient times when men seized the land from universal woman-centered cultures. These prehistoric Goddess worshiping cultures grew up around the circles of women who nurtured humanity’s children, giving rise to languages and cultures worldwide. Seizing the land led men to destroy the mother right basic to all Goddess cultures in which the land descended through the female line. The way to end the mother right was through patriarchal monogamy which ended freedom for women and inaugurated the historical era of misogyny, oppression and slavery.

Nina Serrano’s video interview on Private Property and the Goddess also touches on Paul’s response to American Indian Movement leader Russell Means’ assertion that Europeans, including Marxists, had proved themselves unable to respect nature and the earth. Richards chronicles his own youthful blindness which he carried with him as he grew up as a red diaper baby in Oakland, California and a radical student in the 1960s. After being jailed for civil rights sit ins in San Francisco, and after years fighting the draft and the war in Vietnam, he traveled through decades leading up to his discovery of the Goddess. His growing awareness of the creative female life forces all around him led him to search for the hidden story of her suppression during the historical era. He also reviews his ideas on how the ancient origin myths of patriarchy, the Greek mythology and the one-God Bible, have reinforced patriarchy’s hold on modern civilizations globally. Along the way he examines “Where Marx and Engels Went Wrong.”

Cover of Private Property and the Goddess from the video interview on Private Property and the Goddess.

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Kobo and iTunes, as paperback and ebook. (The paperback is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble only.)

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