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Estuary Press is the home of the Harvey Richards Media Archive, a repository of 1960s photographyand, the website of Nina Serrano, poet, author, and radio host.

The creative works of Harvey Richards and Nina Serrano are available on this website. You can purchase or rent twenty two documentary films by Harvey Richards as DVDs, or digital video on demand, as well as thousands of his photos, and the book Critical Focus, the Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards, by Paul Richards, as a print book or eBook.

Nina Serrano’s latest book, her novel Nicaragua Way is available in paperback and eBook. You can purchase the three volumes of Nina Serrano’s poetry trilogy, Heart Suite, which consists of Heart Songs (1980), Heart’s Journey (2013) and Heart Strong (2013), in print and eBook formats.  The Estuary Press blog presents information and events about Estuary Press as they happen. In addition, Estuary Press produces videos that appear on Paul Richards’ YouTube and Vimeo channels, including the Short Poem Video Series featuring Nina Serrano’s poetry. The Nina Serrano Artivist blog offers posts about her activities, poetry readings, films, and awards.

Estuary Press began in 1986 with the publication of Critical Focus, the Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards.  During the following 25 years, Estuary Press archived and licensed the use of Harvey Richards’ film and photo images in  films, television programs, books, museums and magazines. When the internet arrived, Estuary Press converted all 22 films and thousands of his still photo images to web compatible digital formats.  Estuary Press now offers the public, publishers, filmmakers and other media producers access to digital video on demand and over a thousand digitized photo images in image galleries on the web.

Estuary Press is also the home of the Richards Cousins website about the Richards family, beginning with Robert Richards of Wisconsin, Harvey’s grandfather. Contact Paul Richards through the Contact Us menu on the menu bar on the top of this page for more information.

About Estuary Press: Estuary Press is the publisher of Nicaragua Way by Nina Serrano and Heart Suite, a trilogy of three books of poetry by Nina Serrano. It is also the home of the Harvey Richards Media Archive, a repository of photography and video documentaries of the social change and political movements during the 1960s and 1970s. Contact Paul Richards (510) 967 5577, or visit for more details.

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