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The Harvey Richards Media Archive contains 22 historic documentary videos and a collection of photo images collected in 44 photo image galleries about radical movements of the 1960s focusing on California farm workers, the peace movement on the west coast, the civil rights movements in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mississippi, environmental issues of mining, logging, the San Francisco Bay, and the status of women and children in the socialist Soviet Union.

Estuary Press offers books, videos, historic photos, and Studio Art publications for educators, students and teachers, publishers, media producers, museums, historic monuments, and the general public. The main content offered on this site consists of photos and videos by Harvey Richards; the poetry, writings and videos by Nina Serrano; and videos and writings by Paul Richards. Estuary Press is all about peace, justice and a healthy planet.


Estuary Press offers the literary works of Nina Serrano, including poetry, writings, films, and radio programs. In addition, see her continuing series Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano. Her films and radio programs are here as well as her plays, and other writings. The Nina Serrano Blog offers posts about her activities, poetry readings, films, and awards.

About Estuary Press

Estuary Press is the home of the Harvey Richards Media Archive, a repository of 1960s photography, and, the website of Nina Serrano, poet, author, film maker and radio host. From the beginning, the website' main activity has been sharing Harvey Richards' photography with film makers and publishers who began licensing it in the 1980s. As the internet came into existence and began to grow, Estuary Press updated and expanded this website and our YouTube channel to exhibit the photography and to make our other works and books available more widely. In 2011, Estuary Press published Nina Serrano's poetry trilogy, Heart Suite, adding book publications to our video catalog.

Led by the surprising response to the publication of Harvey's 1961 film on women and children in the Soviet Union, the outreach of Estuary Press has grown, now reaching hundreds of thousands of people in 120 countries. Going digital, using social media, YouTube, Amazon, etc., has brought our materials to a world-wide audience. Estuary Press exists within the digital revolution and is dedicated to using the internet to the fullest extent possible. Like millions of other artists and writers around the world, Estuary Press has walked past the gatekeepers of corporate legacy publishing to join the self publishing revolution now global in scope.

Nina Serrano

Nina Serrano’s poetry, writings, books, plays, films and radio programs are available from Estuary Press. Her website offers her works produced over the last half a century and her continuing creations at age 86 (2020). See her website, blog and YouTube channel.

Harvey Richards Media Archive

Publications from the Harvey Richards' photographic archive began in 1986 with the publication of Critical Focus, the Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards by Paul Richards, PhD. During the following 25 years, Paul archived and licensed the use of Harvey Richards’ film and photo images in films, television programs, books, museums and magazines. When the internet arrived in the 1980s and 90s, he established the Harvey Richards Media Archive and converted all 22 films and thousands of his still photo images to web compatible digital formats. The Press and Archive now offer educators, publishers, filmmakers and the public access to his documentary films and photo images on the web.

Paul Richards Videos and Writings

Estuary Press was created by Paul Richards and includes his writings and multi-media publications. See Explore Paul Richards and Estuary Press.


Peace, Justice and a Healthy Planet

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