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Heart Songs, the Collected Poems of Nina Serrano 1969-1979 is an eBook re-issue of the 1980 book published by Pocho-Che in San Francisco.

Heart’s Journey, Selected Poems 1980-1999 is the second volume of a trilogy of books that presents my poetry written from 1969 to 2012. The trilogy is called Heart Suite.

Heart Strong, Selected Poems 2000-2012  completes my trilogy Heart Suite presenting selections from my 43 years of poetic work begun with Heart Songs: 1969-1980 and then continued with “Heart’s Journey, Selected Poems 1980-1999.” I am glad to be caught up with the 21st century.

Critical Focus, the Black and White Photographs of Harvey Wilson Richards by Paul Richards is the first book published by Estuary Press back in 1987. In 2014 it became available as an eBook with added links to the photo galleries and documentary films in the Harvey Richards Media Archive.

Nicaragua Waya novel by Nina Serrano, tells the story of Lorna Almendros, a San Francisco Nicaraguan-American poet, passionately engaged in supporting revolutionary struggles in Latin America and the Sandinista solidarity movement in the U.S. Nicaragua Way follows Lorna, a single mother, searching for her roots, raising a daughter, falling in love, while facing deaths, griefs, intrigues, and her fears of menopause, empty nest blues, and aging. Through it all, she writes poems.

The 1980 Nicaraguan Program of Economic Reactivation for the Benefit of the People is a historic document from the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution that analyses the economic realities of Nicaragua in 1980, including the legacy of Somoza’s dictatorship along with a plan to rebuild the economy. This book is an in-depth statistical study defining a revolutionary moment in Nicaraguan history when inequality was overthrown and a new vision of economic life seemed possible.

The Chicken Made of Rags Book In addition to the introduction, and the script itself, the book includes cast list, prop lists, song lyrics and sheet music by Philip Serrano, as well as photos from past productions showing different sets and costumes.

The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg is a play written in 1976 by Nina Serrano, Paul Richards and Judith Binder. The Rosenbergs were an American Jewish leftist couple caught up in the famous “Atomic spies case” of the 1950’s. They were accused by the government of stealing atomic secrets and giving them to the former Soviet Union.

World Out of Order by Joe Serrano, with an Preface by his daughter, Nina Serrano. The volume presents 60 cartoons crafted over his long career as a cartoonist.

Refusenik, Nine Poems by Paul Richards. The poems in the volume are Oakland, Equipment USA, Secrets in my neighborhood, Peanut, Cold War
Refusenik, Bedwetting, Predilection for Dereliction, and Mornings.


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