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First Review of Heart’s Journey by Nina Serrano

My New Book HEART’S JOURNEY Received Its First Review!

 Nina Serrano has been living and loving a long time. This sweet collection brings poems from across a decades-long span into one place, allowing the reader to savor her growth and transformation during a peripatetic life. Whether on one side of the San Francisco bay or the other, or immersed in the social upheavals of Nicaragua or visiting Cuba as the Berlin Wall was falling, Serrano captures fleeting moments, the soaring hopes along with the occasionally dour doubts of existential angst. Old friends emerge after long absences, while memories are kindled by prosaic sounds and smells of everyday life. She’s also included several dozen lovely full-color images in this slim volume… you get more than you bargained for in Heart’s Journey! Carlson, Shaping San Francisco
First review of Heart's Journey
Death of Che drawing by Nina Serrano

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