1963, Mississippi Voter Registration Activists (L to R) Bob Moses, Julian Bond, Curtis Hays, unknown activist, Hollis Watkins, Amzie Moore,  and E.W. Steptoe

PBS Freedom Summer To Use Harvey Richards Images

Firelight Media Acquires Photos and Film for PBS Freedom Summer (1964)

PBS Freedom Summer to use Harvey Richards Mississippi photos
1963, Mississippi. (L to R) Bob Moses, Julian Bond, Curtis Hayes (Mohammad), unknown man, Hollis Watkins, Amzie Moore, E.W. Steptoe. Photo by Harvey Richards

The Harvey Richards Media Archive has supplied Firelight Media with film and still photo images for their forthcoming production for PBS  Freedom Summer, American Experience series program on the 1964 voter registration drive led by the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). In 1964, students and activists from all over the country went into the deep South, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and other states, to help SNCC register African American residents to vote.  This campaign is famous today for the profound impact it had in breaking southern segregation and helping pass the Civil Rights Act of 1965 that outlawed segregation. Harvey Richards made two films in Mississippi in collaboration with Amzie Moore, an NAACP leader in Cleveland, Mississippi.  Amzie Moore was the initial contact in Mississippi for Bob Moses who brought the SNCC voter registration campaign into the state. Harvey Richards’ films are We’ll Never Turn Back , Freedom Bound and Dream Deferred, all available as DVDs from Estuary Press. You can also view many of Harvey Richards’ still images taken during these filming trips to Mississippi in 1963 and 1964on the Harvey Richards Media Archive .

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