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Historypin and HRMA Photos

Harvey Richards Media Archive Photos Now on Historypin

Historypin HWR screen shot smallHistorypin is a website that combines Google maps with historical photos. It is an interactive website that provides viewers with ways to share their own photos, experiences and locations.

Do you live in Mississippi? Are you studying or interested in the civil right movement of the 1960s? Did you participate in it at the time? Historypin is a way to explore your area by looking at historical photos, including the photos of the Harvey Richards Media Archive, of events that happened right in your area. Some of Historypin’s photos do not yet have exact locations. So you can help others study your own local history by going to the Historypin web site maps (click on the image below), finding your area and looking at the photos that are there. Then you can add a pin to provide a more exact location. It is interactive and invites the young and old to add their own knowledge and experience to our history. Make a class project out of it.

Historypin MIssissippi screengrab

Do you live in San Francisco Bay Area? Are you interested in the peace and civil rights movements of the 1960s that happened there? Maybe you participated in some of these great marches and demonstrations. You can go to Historypin’s maps, locate the street or city you are interested in and see the photos of the demonstrations from the Harvey Richards Media Archive and other sources. Then you can add pins to the photos to further identify the place and events.

Historypin San Francisco screenshot

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest? Are you involved in the environmental movement to save our forests and build a more ecologically sustainable way of life? Are you interested in the history of logging in northern California, Oregon and Washington? Check out their maps and photos and add your knowledge to their website.

Historypin Northern Calif screengrab

Do you live in the central valley’s of California? Are you involved in the farm worker’s movement today or back in the 1960s? You can go to the Historypin’s map and see photos of your area today and in the 1960s. And you can add your experiences and insights about that place and those times to share with others.

Historypin Central Valley screen shot

Are you interested in Russia and the history of the Soviet Union? You can explore the map and find images of life there back in 1961 through the photos from the Harvey Richards Media Archive. Click on the image below to get started.

Historypin Russia Screen shot

MEDIA – For photos & interviews: Paul Richards (510) 967 5577; paulrichards@estuarypress.com

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